Virtual Conferences at a Global Scale

The Challenge

Tele-conferencing apps are built for small group meetings not large corporate and educational events with a global audience. Low quality content and poor execution lead to audience frustration and reflect poorly on your brand.

Poor Quality & Restrictive Content

We’ve all been thereā€¦ unpredictable video, people speaking over each other, echos and mass confusion.

Screen-sharing and webcam feeds are not enough to put on a high quality, fully branded, engaging event.

The Solution

BuzzCast is an enterprise-grade, virtual conference platform built for large events with scores of speakers across multiple tracks that want to reach an audience of thousands not an audience of tens. It is a managed service for brands and educators who want to get their event done right and on brand.

Broadcast Quality

A broadcast-grade linear viewing experience. Combine content from any source, whether pre-produced videos, professional live-recordings, presentation materials, or virtual speakers, and mix them seamlessly.

Go Big

Syndicate your entire show, or instantly push highlights to thousands or even millions over 24 third-party channels, social networks, or VOD services, and manage hundreds of speakers on unlimited tracks/channels.

Get it Done Right

Quickly stand up virtual or live events and deliver them reliably to streaming viewers with full service virtual event design & management to make sure your event runs smoothly and makes a big impact.

Engage and Interact

Watching is not enough. We offer a suite of interactive tools that enable slide sharing, live polls, reviews and moderated Q&A to bring your audience into the conversation.

From Anywhere to Everywhere

For a demo, or if you have any questions, please reach out to us.