How BuzzCast Scaled Just for Laughs, Comedy Pro 2021

by May 4, 2022Blog

How BuzzCast Scaled Just For Laughs, Comedy Pro 2021

Just For Laughs Comedy Pro is one of the most well-known names in the entertainment industry, and the largest comedy festival in the world. The four-day event, featuring international comedians, used to be a live event that took place in Montreal, Canada.

In 2021, Just For Laughs (JFL) did not only take place in Montreal. The festival expanded its footprint into the U.S for the first time ever, with showcases and panels for New York City and Los Angeles.

But the entertainment landmark’s ambition didn’t end here. JFL committed to reaching a global audience by adding a virtual element to their events, and they chose BuzzCast (BC) to help realize their goals. 

A Closer Look at Just for Laughs, Comedy Pro 2021

The JFL Comedy Pro 2021 hybrid festival lasted six days and included special sessions produced by Laugh out Loud (LOL!), and highlights such as Comedy Night in Canada by SiriusXM Canada and Tangerine. 

The festival included three in-person events in Montreal, New York City, and Los Angeles, respectively. JFL partnered with BuzzCast to stream all of the festival’s performances live to a global audience, making the event accessible to anyone from the comfort of their home.

Why JFL is embracing a hybrid future.

Like many of us, the Just For Laughs added a virtual element to their festival due to less-than-favorable circumstances. The global pandemic led to significant travel restrictions, so major events were forced to go virtual or hybrid. And the Just for Laughs, Comedy Pro 2021 event was no exception. 

But the JFL team gained a deep appreciation of hybrid events after the success of the 2021 festival. Thanks to the event’s virtual streaming, attendees from different parts of the world could tune in and enjoy the festival. 

Adding a digital element to the JFL Comedy Pro 2021 also made the event more financially accessible; virtual attendees avoided hefty travel costs and hotel expenses. Moreover, the event’s hybrid format allowed the JFL team to cater to more attendees without exceeding the team’s budget.

How BuzzCast helped JFL reach new heights.

Just For Laughs was founded in 1983 and currently holds the crown as the world’s largest comedy festival. So when JFL decided to invest in a hybrid event for the first time, the team knew that they’d need external help.

To successfully execute an event as large and complex as the Just For Laughs Comedy Pro in a hybrid format, JFL knew they’d need a premium virtual events platform and an experienced team. Fortunately, they found both with BuzzCast. 

BuzzCast is a premium virtual events platform that provides fully managed virtual and hybrid event services. The BuzzCast team has decades of production experience, so when you partner with us, we help you fully realize your event’s vision.

Oz Weaver, Executive Director and Producer at Just For Laughs, shared his experience with the BuzzCast team:

“BuzzCast pivoted quickly to understand the needs of Just For Laughs – Montréal, an internationally renowned comedy festival and industry event. They were adept at finding new ways to deliver and maximize their platform for our unique needs. I am confident they would be able to do this for any company needing to host an online event, conference, etc.” (source)

And here’s more on the reasons why BuzzCast was the perfect fit for the JFL festival.

Superior Technology

BuzzCast’s premium virtual events platform is fully customizable and performs seamlessly at scale. The platform is built from the ground up on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless Technology, enabling it to scale effortlessly and manage large audiences without crashing or lagging. 

BuzzCast delivers consistent, 1080p broadcast quality with zero downtime. It’s like Netflix for your virtual events. And the platform doesn’t limit your branding options to inserting your logo and changing a few colors. BuzzCast is equipped with advanced branding and white-labelling features, so you can create a virtual events experience that’s truly your own.

Production Support

BuzzCast distinguishes itself as a fully managed virtual events solution. So, in addition to accessing our premium platform and tech support, you can also request BC production services to help bring your hybrid or virtual events to life. 

Because of the comedy festival’s scale, BuzzCast partnered with three different production companies to provide the JFL team with enough support to ensure their event’s success. 

Commitment to the Attendee Experience

Whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid, events are ultimately a means of bringing communities together. They unite people with similar interests and create a sense of belonging. 

The most successful events build and nurture their community. Successful events encourage attendees to participate, network, and form meaningful relationships. And while these experiences come naturally to in-person events, virtual ones have struggled to replicate the same levels of attendee engagement.

The Just For Laughs team wanted a partner that understood their key goals; to produce an engaging, fun event for both virtual and in-person attendees. BuzzCast’s robust technology enabled JFL to provide attendees with a positive digital experience, encouraging them to participate in the event and engage with the community. There were 1,200 private chats requested during the event alone.

Scale your next hybrid event with confidence.

By partnering with BuzzCast. We’re the premium virtual events platform of choice for the most buzz-worthy events. 

If you’re interested in scaling your next virtual or hybrid event like Just For Laughs did, schedule a demo with us. We’d love to help you bring your community together.