Broadcast Quality

Our on-demand mobile teams can produce high-quality, branded content for you, or deliver touchless camera packaged to set up in your home. You can also produce your own high quality footage and feed it into our system.

Second Screen Experience

Your viewers can view and interact with content on their computers, or watch on any TV or monitor while following the slides and interacting on their phones or smart devices.

Cloud Mixer

Leverage the core capabilities of a live production studio and control room to create dynamic live streams and syndicate them globally at the click of a button.

Unlimited Control

The Right Look for the Right Situation

Single speaker? Power Point presentation? Panel discussion? Pre-built shot templates and overlays let you instantly adapt to the situation and keep production values high.

The Freedom to Choose

Build custom tracks and generate a program schedule that empowers viewers to discover the sessions that matter most to them.

Branded and Geo Specific Ad Insertion.

Broadcast in 14 languages via live subtitling.

Branded Assets at Your Fingertips

Use your own branded assets to customize the look and feel of your broadcast. Upload pre-captured audio/video clips, graphics and other custom content elements for easy access and implementation during your broadcast.

Stay Local or Go Global

Instantly push viral clips to social and build buzz, or syndicate entire programs to VOD,  and 3rd party channels.

For a demo, or if you have any questions, please reach out to us.