Should You Hire a Virtual Event Production Services Company?

by Apr 14, 2022Virtual Event Production

Do You Really Need Virtual Event Production Services?

The global pandemic shifted many business operations online, and events were no exception. However, looking back to the early days of the first lockdown, many of us didn’t have the best first impression of virtual events.

Although the coronavirus forced businesses to realize the need for virtual events, many organizations struggled to pull online conferences off effectively. This was to be expected – planning traditional events is starkly different from virtual ones.

Most of us are familiar with conferences that have gone south due to technical issues or poor planning. Some problems that were rampant include faulty mics, lag due to spikes in attendance, conflicting schedules, and more.

Gradually, organizations learned from their mistakes and started using elegant virtual event production services to their advantage. Premium virtual events platforms provided organizers with the tools to plan interactive, engaging, organized events online conferences with high production value.

However, some of the most popular virtual event solutions lean towards a ‘self-serve’ model. This means that, although the tools offer robust functionality and advanced features, organizers still have to shoulder most of the production responsibilities. The platforms don’t provide full-service virtual event production services.

With self-serve platforms, event managers have to familiarize themselves with the technology, and handle the entire event lifecycle independently.

However, BuzzCast is a premium virtual events solution that does things a little differently. Our technical and production teams work closely with enterprises and remain at your service throughout the event lifecycle. We offer enterprises a combination of a robust events solution and leading virtual event services.

What Are Virtual Event Production Services?

Virtual event production services help businesses successfully plan, manage, and online conferences and trade shows. These services include both technical and content-development elements to help organizers with everything from creating immersive experiences to providing technical support during the event.

Why Hire Virtual Event Production Services?

BuzzCast is a full-service solution that provides both an industry-leading virtual events solution and a highly experienced support team. We offer both a premium hosting platform and unmatched virtual event production services.

BuzzCast is the daughter company of BuzzLab, a leading production company since 2011. Thus, our team has years of hands-on production experience, in addition to the technical expertise required to seamlessly execute your virtual events.

Here are some advantages of hiring virtual event production services, like the ones full-service solutions such as BuzzCast offer. 

Fully Managed Event Lifecycle

Our technical and production teams help you manage the entirety of the event lifecycle. This includes planning the event, determining the best formats for content delivery, customizing the event to your liking, creating immersive and engaging experiences, and more.

BuzzCast’s full-service model is especially beneficial for businesses without highly trained and experienced in-house teams. You can take your pick from our 3-tier support options, and select which services best align with your needs. Our tiers include:

Tier 1: Support from The BC Production Team. Our precision team will help manage your event lifecycle…

Tier 2: Which Includes Our BC AV Production Services. Businesses gain access to our Streaming and AV teams for additional support.

Tier 3: Our Experienced BC Event Tech Team. Let us take care of all the technical aspects for you, including custom design, QA, and guaranteeing robust functionality.

Cut Back on Expenses

For brands that lack experienced in-house production and technical teams, outsourcing support staff gets expensive. By choosing BuzzCast to host your virtual event, you can cut back on these additional costs by opting for our Tier 3 support option.

Production Expertise

According to Marklectic, keeping your audience engaged is the greatest challenge that organizers face. BuzzCast’s production team can help you design immersive experiences to keep your audience engaged.

Moreover, our virtual platform is designed with specific functionality to increase audience engagement. These features include networking booths, Q&A and polling options, breakout rooms, and visually engaging formats like poster sessions.

Hiccup-Free Events

Sometimes, all seems well in the events planning world…until production goes live.

The biggest nightmare virtual planners face is hiccups during the event itself. Faulty mics, streaming lag, or keynote speakers facing technical difficulties are issues that can derail months of hard work.

If you have a highly trained, experienced technical team, managing these hiccups shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you don’t, then you know why we have a Tier-3 support option available.

Additionally, many enterprises that conduct large-scale events choose BuzzCast’s virtual event production services to work with their in-house teams. It’s an all-hands-on-deck situation when you have events with tens or hundreds of thousands of attendees.

Take Your Virtual Events To New Heights With BuzzCast

BuzzCast is a premium events platform built from the ground up with AWS serverless technology. Our industry-leading platform offers 100% uptime, 1080p streaming, enterprise-grade security, and seamless performance at scale. 

BuzzCast offers virtual event production services in three tiers, so businesses can select which level of support best suits their needs. Our technical and production teams are the best in the business, and our platform is specifically designed to deliver virtual events with high production value.

You can schedule a demo with us to experience the full extent of BuzzCast’s virtual functionality.