5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Virtual Conference Software

by Nov 11, 2021Virtual Event Software

Thing to Consider When Choosing Software for Your Virtual Conference…

Whether you’re hosting an informational webinar or an industry trade show, choosing virtual conference software to bring your event to life is an important decision you’ll need to make.

The best virtual conference software should perform seamlessly at scale, facilitate actionable marketing opportunities, and deliver an excellent broadcast experience to your audience.

What is Virtual Conference Software?

Virtual conference software is used to host virtual meetings or events of all sizes. High-end virtual conferencing solutions offer premium features like custom branding, superior broadcast quality, and data and analytics.

How does Virtual Conferencing Software Work?

Video conferencing software works by encrypting video and audio inputs and relaying them as outputs on different screens. Thanks to virtual meeting solutions, participants from various locations can connect face-to-face and have engaging conversations.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Virtual Conference Software

When choosing virtual conference software, it’s crucial to consider both your brand’s needs and those of your audience.

Which features facilitate branding and marketing opportunities? And which functionalities help deliver immersive, engaging experiences to your audience?

These are essential questions you need to keep in mind.

1 – The event’s size

If you’re hosting a small-scale conference, basic conferencing software like Zoom is sufficient to host the meeting. Zoom’s broadcast quality and functionality are adequate for small and medium-sized conferences, but the platform struggles with lag for events at scale.

Moreover, simple virtual conferencing solutions lack customization and branding features, so you might want to consider a more high-end solution for important networking events.

If you’re planning a large-scale event, you need the technical capabilities that premium virtual conferencing software like BuzzCast (BC) offers. BC is built from the ground up using AWS serverless technology, so it seamlessly handles spikes in participants without lag.

2 – Your event budget

A bare-bones virtual meeting solution won’t cost you much, but a full-fledged events solution sure will. Of course, if you’re on a tight budget, then a premium solution may not be in the cards.

However, if you’re looking to go all-in on a large scale event, then a high-end events platform offers the most value for your money. With their superior customization features and increased marketing opportunities, you can drive your ROI up. 78% of brands that use virtual events solutions attribute them to a positive ROI. However, it can take at least half a year before you start seeing meaningful returns – so it’s a long-term investment.

3 – What’s the platform’s broadcast quality like?

Zoom fatigue is a problem businesses have been working to solve since the pandemic forced us to switch online. But why do we only suffer from fatigue during virtual conferences and not when we, say, watch Netflix?

There are different reasons, including lighting variations (participants in the meeting have different backgrounds), broadcast quality, the degree of focus required, and more.

Delivering high-quality, lag-free broadcast streaming helps reduce zoom fatigue. It takes the pressure off of following the event visually. That’s why BuzzCast is specifically engineered to deliver 1080p broadcast quality with zero downtime.

4 – How secure is the platform?

Virtual conferences collect a great deal of user data, which makes them appealing targets for data theft. So when choosing virtual conference software, consider the platform’s security features.

For example, BuzzCast is designed to protect sensitive information from external threats by catering to both single and multi-tenant database infrastructures.

5 – Does the software offer post-conference marketing opportunities?

ROI is the most significant indicator of your conference’s long-term success. Of course, a great deal of your event’s return relies on your marketing strategy and team’s expertise.

However, if your platform doesn’t facilitate post-conference marketing opportunities, then you’re operating with both hands tied behind your back. Which participants qualify as hot leads, and who is unlikely to convert? What interests do your attendees share – how should you reach out to each? To answer these questions accurately, you need meaningful data and analytics.

That is, analytics and insight that premium virtual conference software like BuzzCast provides. With BC, you can monitor participants’ viewing times (including which sessions they engaged the most with), chat engagement metrics, networking booth engagements, and more. You can reliably identify hot leads and pursue them to drive your return on investment up.

BuzzCast is the premium virtual conference software of choice for leading enterprises like Uber and Anthem. BC produces secure, interactive events with high production value at scale. So make your next event buzz-worthy with BuzzCast