Virtual Event Platform Features: What to Look Out For

by Nov 16, 2021Virtual Event Software

Our Guide to the Most Crucial Features for Virtual Event Platforms

When planning a traditional event, choosing the right physical venue is the most important decision you make. You have to consider crucial factors like the location, layout, capacity, parking availability, and more. Similarly, there are vital virtual event platform features that are critical to your event’s success. If you’re considering an online conference or trade show, you need a virtual events solution that best meets your needs.

Here’s are the features you should be on the lookout for while comparing virtual event platforms.

Performance at Scale

Whether you’re hosting an exclusive networking event with 75 participants, or a public trade show with 100,000 attendees, your virtual event solution should perform seamlessly.

From a technical standpoint, how well a virtual event solution performs at scale largely depends on its infrastructure. In the early pandemic months, many of us attended small-scale virtual conferences that were delivered well.

However, many large-scale events suffered from interruptions, downtime, and lag. The servers couldn’t handle the load, especially when participants suddenly joined in bulk.

BuzzCast (BC) is built on a serverless infrastructure to guarantee performance at scale and meet enterprise needs. To date, the largest event we’ve hosted catered to 123,471 users, with zero downtime and consistent 1080p broadcast quality.

The Virtual Experience

In traditional events, maintaining your audience’s attention and encouraging engagement is easier. This is because your participants are in a dedicated professional space, and the speakers are present physically in front of them.

Moreover, physical events offer attendees many opportunities to mingle and network. There are breakout rooms, refreshment breaks, informal sessions, and more.

To make your virtual event successful, it’s vital to translate these opportunities to the virtual space. However, maintaining your virtual audience’s interest is more challenging; many of them may attend from their own homes, where they’re more prone to distractions.

Additionally, since participants aren’t in the same physical space, the virtual solution you choose should facilitate networking opportunities.

It’s crucial to design immersive experiences to keep your audience engaged. Premium virtual event solutions like BuzzCast provide robust virtual event platform features to create engaging experiences, including:

  • Engagement features including Q&As (with upvotes and anonymous options), polling, and quizzes.
  • Breakout rooms and networking booths. For your audience to network post-event with like-minded individuals.
  • A leader board that reflects audience analytics.
  • Posters, which are especially popular for medical and science events.
  •  Public chat through which users can initiate 1:1 messages by selecting a participant.

And more.

Support (Technical & Production)

Event planning, in general, demands a great deal of planning and organization, but with virtual events, you have the added challenge of technical planning. Many enterprise-level virtual event platforms follow a ‘self-serve’ model, which means the software is yours to use, but most of the planning is left to your team.

Now, some businesses prefer a self-serve model because they have experienced, in-house production, and technical teams. You need both these teams of experts to pull off a virtual event successfully.

However, businesses without experienced in-house teams (or ones that need an extra set of hands) rely on external support. This could mean hiring a virtual event planner, or picking a virtual platform that offers advanced support options. Solutions that provide high-level support are called full-service models.

BuzzCast is a premium virtual events solution that delivers robust functionality and offers 3-tier support options. Depending on your brand’s needs, you can choose from:

  • Tier 1 Support – where BuzzCast’s production team is at your service.
  • Tier 2 Support – with BC’s streaming and AV teams on standby
  • Tier 3 Support – where our event team helps plan and execute your whole event.

Event organizers have used BC’s support to produce some truly remarkable events, and here’s a peak at what our clients are saying:

“BuzzCast/BuzzLab was an incredible partner for our most important event that we had to make virtual in the current environment. A true extension of our own team, they worked with us to seamlessly provide an excellent experience for our attendees that was both personalized and high-end. Can’t say enough about this wonderful team.” (G2)

Comprehensive Data & Analytics

Attendee count is one obvious indicator of your virtual event’s success, but it doesn’t reveal much insight, nor does it help tailor your post-event marketing strategy. To get the most out of your event, you need a platform with detailed data and analytics reporting.

Premium event solutions like BuzzCast provide detailed data insights and audience analytics, including chat engagement metrics, video streams, average viewing time, and much more. Your team will have all the necessary data to optimize your post-event marketing efforts.

 Above all, when choosing a virtual event platform to partner with, it’s vital to work with a team that understands your needs and prioritizes your vision. BuzzCast was built by producers, for producers, so start planning your virtual event with us today.



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