Virtual Trade Show Booth Design: Making Your Virtual Booth Stand Out

by Oct 20, 2021Virtual Tradeshow

Our Top Design Advice for Making an Eye Catching Virtual Booth

Many trade shows are still happening online these days. If you want your space to stand out, check out these virtual trade show booth design ideas.

A lot of trade shows had to go virtual in 2020, and everyone scrambled to make it work. Many trade shows are still happening virtually, which means it’s time to make sure you’ve got an attractive and engaging setup for people to visit.

In the virtual environment, you want to incorporate plenty of content for visitors, including embedded videos, images, and interaction options to get your message across.

Use these virtual trade show booth design ideas to up your online trade show game.

Virtual Trade Show Booth Image

In most cases there will be a gallery or directory of the booths available at a virtual trade show, which means you need to have a main booth image. This image has some heavy lifting to do in terms of catching the eye of people browsing the selection of booths available.

Crafting this image is not the place to cut corners. Make it spectacular. If you have stellar photos of your previous physical booth setup, that can be one way to go. In other cases, the virtual trade show setup may only allow for your company logo, in which case you just want to make sure it’s a high-resolution version for whatever size it will be displayed in the gallery.

Enlightened Virtual Booth

Elanco Animal Health Virtual Booth

Intex Watersports Booth

The Introductory Video

It’s common for a virtual trade show setup to allow each booth to have an introductory video. Check what duration is allowed with each virtual trade show but don’t feel obliged to make an intro video the maximum length allowed. Just because a trade show says you can have a three-minute intro video doesn’t mean yours has to be that long. After all, a three-minute video in the virtual environment can feel like an eternity. Keep yours to around 90 seconds.

Your intro video should match up well to your company’s usual branding. Like your thumbnail virtual booth image, this video is critical for keeping visitors engaged to learn more about your company, so give it some real time, attention, and resources to make it great.

Collateral Materials

When attending in-person trade shows, people are used to walking away from a booth with something in their hand, whether its printed marketing materials or company swag. While swag isn’t an option, you want visitors to be able to easily download digital marketing materials from inside your virtual booth.

Depending on the platform and rules of the virtual trade show, you might be limited to providing links to visitors where they can download your materials.

Get Professional Help for Your Virtual Trade Show Booth Design

You can up your virtual trade show booth design game by taking advantage of a marketing agency or a DIY app for superior presentation.

There are various options out there, and they do come with a cost, but if trade shows are an important aspect of your company’s marketing, then you’ll be happy to know an app is far less expensive than what you’d spend traveling to the trade shows, while an agency can probably put together a virtual booth for far less than a new physical booth design.

Here are few possibilities to check out:

Virtual Trade Show Booth has a quick-start plan for $500 that gives you 5 frames included, 100 different layouts to choose from, and the first 90 days of hosting (monthly hosting fee after that is $10/month, additional frames are $100 each).

Marketing Genome

Marketing Genome is an agency with virtual trade show booth design among its offerings. Their designs are loaded with features, including rich text, forms for data capture, URL links, phone hotspot, email hotspot, embedded third-party content, slideshows, and buy now hotspots.


VeeSpaces is a virtual showroom design app with 25+ booth templates to create immersive exhibits with all the features you could ever want. The basic offering is $49/month, its mid-tier plan is $199/month, and its enterprise plan is by quote.

Jam Graphics

Jam Graphics is another agency that takes you behind the scenes to see what’s involved in building a virtual trade show booth design, whether 2D or 3D. Their booths also include a client content management system for simple changes, and robust data reporting for analysis of user interactions.

Those are just a few examples of apps and agencies that can help with you with virtual trade show booth design ideas.

While in-person trade shows will no doubt make a comeback when the time is right, you can also expect virtual and hybrid trade shows are here to stay, so it’s worth your while to have your virtual booth design ready to go when needed.